We make a partition made of wood on our own

Wooden partitions can be produced in the form of shields, which are then fixed between the floor and the ceiling, and in addition with each other. They can be moved and standing in place. As an integral part, there may be pholen details, which, in their details, sizes and pattern, are very similar to Philnah doors. For the frame crafts, boards 90-1 220 mm wide should be used, and 30-55 mm thick. The slats of the wires and the middle of the frame in all corners and in T-shaped compounds need to be tied on spikes. Big mediums and wide bars (lower) are connected to strapping spikes with a comb. When selecting wood materials for this type of shields and cutting, it is necessary to monitor that they do not have through cracks that fall out of knots. There should not even be well -fused knots in places of joints, as they will be painted when producing joints. The prepared material before cutting the spikes must be scrupulously put out firstly with a shergebel, and after that a shirt. To give the blanks of directness they are also treated with a fuganka around them. The characteristics during work are recognized as a ruler and a square.