We solder plastic pipes correctly!

We solder plastic pipes correctly!

You do not know how to solder plastic pipes correctly? Then the site -sovety will help in all your endeavors! Here you can not only read detailed instructions for actions, but you will also see additional pictures that will help you in your difficult business.

To better understand the principle of proper share of pipe from plastic, you can also watch a video that will describe each step in work in detail. Good luck!

How to solder pipes made of plastic? First you need to cut the pipe relatively right angle to the axis with pipelines or cutting tools. If burrs or chips formed at the same time, then they should be removed. Using a template and a graphite rod, indicate the distance that requires cooking at the end of the pipe. Further on the marking pipe or on the fitting, it is necessary to designate the position of the shaped part, if desired, using additional marking on parts and straight font on the pipe itself.

Before the welding, it is necessary to clean from ultraviolet radiation of an oxygen layer, a combined layer of polypropylene and aluminum, as well as an insulating layer with a cleaning tool. To achieve the desired result. Use only original tools with perfect knives for stripping. After stripping, the pipes should not fall into the heating sleeve easier than usual.

Now it is necessary to send the end of the pipe and insert into the guide tool for cleaning.

Now is the time in order to clean the layer of aluminum and sawn up to the very stop of the cleaning tool. Before you start welding, it is necessary to check how protected by aluminum and propylene. After soldering plastic pipes, a strong material is formed that can withstand heavy loads throughout life.