We update our apartment

Most often, people remake their home, rearranging furniture items. Someone is not enough for someone-it is taken for repair work. Often such work give actual benefits, facilitating the life of the owner of the apartment or the work of organizations.

The transfer of the kitchen from one corner of the apartment to another or the device of another bathroom is called “Redeving the premises”. In principle, this repairs are not obliged to enter regulatory documents – after all, we do not destroy the walls. However, the law requires a person to receive approval for the redevelopment of housing.

Firstly-because without the destruction of walls, as a rule, it will not work. Secondly-because all plates, bathrooms, plumbing are recorded in the scheme of the room. Based on such data, a technical passport is made, and it is impossible to transform it without permission: the law on such a bill provides for various sanctions. After all, making changes to a single, in advance system in advance is able to violate its functioning.

To coordinate this issue, people are increasingly turning to the help of firms specializing in this version of services. Professional experts guarantee the safety and quality of the work done. Lawyers will make sure that all changes are approved with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.