What do you know about decorative plaster

Almost every qualified artist in a conversation with him about the requirements of the current customers will emphasize that today the priority intentions in design are emphasizing the individuality of the home and its sophistication. Indeed, the main tool for the formation of the exclusivity of the house or apartment will be the decoration and decoration of the walls. But in pursuit of uniqueness, you should absolutely not forget about other equally important qualities of exclusive design of the arrangement and convenience of the home. By the way, for organizing a unique design, there are many variations of wall processing, but the best and most attractive, in comparison with other variations, was and is decorative plaster. And this is not only because of its good consumer features, hydrophobic features that allow the use of decorative plaster in a room with overdated dampness and bathrooms, natural -conserving, operational features, and its significant quality is the ability to give and create the exceptionality of one room or home in general, the addition of which -lib of a special moment in the general design of the house.