What to build a house from

Own construction of the home today gains popularity and energetically increases the pace. At the same time, people are increasingly choosing a tree for the construction of their housing.

About how much the wood of wood is environmentally friendly, durable, easy to care for and repair, it is written almost everywhere. The house made of wood has no similarity and a house made of wood will never be able to be fully replaced by stone, glass or metal.

A more ancient and tested time by the method of building a house made of wood is a manual log house. Actually, this technology in our time often replaces the methods of building logs from a rounded log.

Frotes made of galled wood are inexpensive in cost, but they serve significantly less. If we talk about the house, it reduces the life of its operation just the fact that logs for the construction of a house from galled wood do not have the most durable, upper layer of wood.

A simple wooden log house is more durable, because the logs for it are shy for construction in a personal basis. It is undoubted that the construction of such a log house will take much more time, since you need to shine logs on your own.

But there is a huge number of advantages from the house from the galinded log. In cost, these houses are much more acceptable, because when erecting these log cabins, labor costs are minimal.