What to do if mold is in the house

Everyone understands that the value of housing largely depends on the location, quality of water and air, the distance from existing enterprises. As for the housing arrangement directly, the owners of the house are ready for significant repair costs, they strive to make everything in their power, so that housing becomes cozy. Sometimes, without even suspecting it, we ourselves create a place of risk in the home and cause damage to health.

The most common problem is with mold. Когда жилище недостаточно проветривается, в комнатах, а конкретно в углах, за предметами мебели, недалеко от батарей, вдруг вздувается слой краски и начинает сыпаться штукатурка. Traces of mold are distinguishable from under the exfolved wallpaper. This is a fungus. The fungus is rolled, painted or glued, and so the repair is usually completed. After a while, the fungus still appears again, and in the end the residents admit their own impotence. Experts have long learned that mold spores cause allergic reactions, frequent diseases of the respiratory system and sometimes cancer tumors.