Windows and high humidity

The appearance of moisture on plastic windows is a fairly common problem. And there are many grounds for this problem and ways to fight it. The problem is that usually on the surface of the window outside the temperature is lower than in the room itself. The air of low temperature rises to the temperature of the “dew point”, and the warm stream of air of the room condenses in condensate. “The dew point” depends on the pressure, t and air humidity.

There are the following reasons for the low temperature near the window:

If walls and slopes without insulation, then cool air without obstacles blows inside and causes condensation. This problem is solved by warming the wall from the outside.

The basis of this may be an unskilled installation of plastic windows. In such a situation, you need to talk with the management of the company and demand to eliminate problems.

Excessively large window sills can also become a source of lack of warm air near the window. Window sills block access to heat air from heating.

Inexpensive, poor quality profiles. In addition, a small number of cameras in the double -glazed window. Chambers at least should be 2.