Winter Forest as a material for building a house.

Winter construction of houses has their own supporters and criticizing. The current technologies make it possible to build the foundation even in big frosts without compromising the mechanical characteristics of the foundation. In Russia, the period of frosts lasts almost six months, and the rules of winter construction of wooden houses have been honed for centuries. And these houses have been standing for decades. The winter construction has a significant positive moment. The summer forest is more humid, and because of this it is very prone to corruption with larvae. The winter forest is not very wet, moreover, with frosts, the fungus cannot survive. At reduced temperatures, moisture is freezing from the beam, which gives an even shrinkage of the cottage. Having built a house in winter, already in the middle of summer you can finish repair work. Finally, during winter construction, your plot is little subject to undesirable influences, since construction technology in the frost does not break the earth. Of course, the construction in winter has not only pluses, but also negative sides. For example, if the temperature is less than 25 ° C, then the tree is covered with cracks. Plus the working day for builders is reduced, t. To. daylight hours in winter shorter. These reasons are somewhat lengthening the duration of construction. But there is no longer seasonal excitement, and workers are building the house as it should.