Wiring tools

Despite the large number of offers for working with electrical wiring in the repair work market, many in order to save money do it on their own. So that the quality of the final result does not upset, so that the master has at hand all the necessary tool.

Without fail, when laying a new electrical wiring, it will be necessary to drive wall stroke. Typically, specialists for this process use a special barbore. But for these purposes, a drill with a drill is well suited. If you do not have this tool at hand, it can be replaced with a perforator.

Be sure to have a ruler and a pencil in your set. With the help of these school instruments, you will mark the places where your future strobe will run.

Do not forget about the level in this subtle business. After all, without it, you can’t get the future strobes even.

There are situations when a cable for low -voltage equipment or a telephone is laid. To make it easy and easy to connect it to the outlet, you will need a tool for expanding the cable.

All electrical wiring today has a compulsory insulating layer. Before installing sockets or switches, it must be removed. Therefore, a homegrown electrician must have a special tool at hand, which he can easily and quickly remove excess insulation.

It will not be superfluous in your bag and a special knife, and screwdrivers, and an indicator to check the voltage. Do not forget about the insulation tape also.