With which you can level the ceiling

The ceiling, like walls, requires a thorough approach to repair. It is not so easy to align the ceiling yourself, since work must be done with your hands constantly raised and head, and this tires very quickly.

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There are several materials designed to align the ceilings.

First of all, this is a putty. It is dry and requires dilution with water or ready to use immediately.

So that later the putty does not crack, it must be applied with a layer of 1-2 mm. Therefore, they use this material on almost even surfaces. Having rumored the ceiling with a special skin after putting putty, you will achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Another type of alignment material is plaster. Also sold in dry and finished form. Unlike putty, it can be applied with a thick layer. Use plaster to align deep bumps.

Drywall – the third material for leveling and finishing. This is a wonderful product of modern technologies that made a revolution in the world of construction and repair. With it, you can align the most difficult walls and ceilings in terms of irregularities. At its core, drywall is a subservient structure, since it is attached to special suspensions. If the ceiling plate was originally installed in the apartment, the plasterboard structure will easily hide this defect and not only.