With your own hands, lay out a mosaic

To date, mosaic is the most modern type of wall surface, gender. Mosaic design is the most beautiful interior decoration. Mosaic is a small size of tiles, different colors or plain, made of different material: ceramics, glass, smalt and stone. Of small tiles of different colors are drawings, all kinds of paintings that can be compared with masterpieces. You can combine the mosaic with ceramic tiles, as the type of original finish. The most durable mosaic is a ceramic one, which is laid out in the production of fragments on a mesh substrate.

Thanks to fragments, you can quickly lay out the whole picture, according to a pre -prepared pattern. For gluing mosaics, use special glue.

Walls and floor in the bathroom are aligned with cement mortar. It is very important to lay the mosaic on a flat surface, which is constantly checked by the laser level. If ceramic tiles are supplemented with mosaic patterns, it is necessary to make a sketch on paper and, according to the sketch, lay out fragments of the mosaic on the floor. This will create the opportunity to fit the tiles in size, cut off the excess. For cutting mosaics use special nippers.

Combine mosaic and ceramic tiles

In the case when ceramic tiles are combined with mosaics, ceramic tiles are first laid, then vertical and horizontal lines are drawn, which serve as a mark to lay mosaic fragments.

To apply glue to mosaic fragments, use a gear spatula. A fragment of the mosaic is turned down the face, applied glue and applied to the wall in a certain place and pressed lightly using a rubber spatula. In the course of laying, until the glue is seized, the fragments are adjusted.

We begin to glue the mosaic

If the fragments of the mosaic are glued to the paper, then the mosaic canvas is allowed to dry for two days. In order not to damage the shine of the mosaic, a foam sponge is used to remove paper, which is abundantly moisten the surface with water. Soaked paper is easily removed from the surface. The finish is a grout of the seams, for which an epoxy grout is used, which is resistant to aggressive media and moisture.

Grout is applied with a rubber spatula with light movements, diagonally. From the surface of the mosaic, the grout is removed with a foam sponge or a rag. The surface trimmed with mosaics should dry out a month. For a long time, the mosaic design will decorate the walls and floor of the bathroom, and delight the eyes.