Wooden floor in 2 days!

Wooden flooring – perhaps a beautiful and durable floor, which you and your family can use. Recently, one can notice a return to this material. A couple of years ago, wood floors were the most famous of the existing floor coatings. With the advent of vinyl and linoleum coating and later with the wide use of the carpet coating, they have lost their popularity. The return of the popularity of wooden floors is determined by the phenomenon of new types of this coating. In addition, it is these latest species that are as beautiful and to the same extent strong as the earlier flooring of the ledger-i-Paza, at the same time, the ease of installation makes them very uncomplicated and as a result an independent project even for a beginner. Parquet and flooring can be mounted without any problems who are engaged in this for the first time. We will talk about the pre-finish field. What is a pre-finish gender? This is an ordinary wooden floor, which is covered with an antiseptic substance and treated with the protecting upper layer. You can also install incomplete wood floors. After the floors were installed, they must be completed by polishing and antiseptic (additionally) and applying a protective layer.