Wooden floor: luxury or necessity?

In the current design of the interior of houses, the floor of wood occupies a very serious place, it is worth even noting that the whole idea of ​​a particular interior “works” at the expense of gender. So, in Hi-Tech style designs, many designers use a whitened parquet, it is perfectly included in the general idea of ​​the situation, even given the modern materials and colors used in this style. Before deciding to place the floor of wood, you must competently find out for yourself where you would like to lay such a floor, and take into account the humidity of this place. After time, this can save you from a large number of problems. This article will give you the opportunity to start looking for the floor covering you need. Always study at least a few brands, find out information about guarantees from the manufacturer, features and wood structure. There is an acrylic impregnation-flooring, where any acrylic material was introduced into the wooden grain, making wood more elastic and persistent, as a result of which this board is ideal for houses with decent cross-country ability, such as a cafe, shopping centers, etc. P. True, in the company with different colors and shades, it can be taken in apartments.