Brown storage of a car

According to the sales sector, about 80 thousand new cars are sold annually in the country.

The result of which is an acute shortage of parking lots in cities. In this regard, I would like to pay a little attention to storage rules if there is no stationary garage boxing.

Let’s start with protective covers. A large number of our drivers love to use protective covers to protect the car. It must be remembered that there should be an air gap between the cover and the surface of the car. To do this, use supports.

Separately, you should pay attention to the parking lot. Do not park near tall trees, as lightning falls into them. The result may be damage to the car with fallen fragments, or even its fire.

You should not park for a long time near the gas distribution points, water intake points, since in the case of an emergency, the car may prevent the evacuation or entrance with special vehicles.

Therefore, the most optimal option is the protected parking, but before renting a place, be sure to have certificates of the reputation of this institution.