How to make repairs in a toilet room?

If you bought an apartment or it was inherited, it is likely that sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that it is necessary to make repairs in a toilet or bathroom. There are two options for your actions in this case.

You will decide to make repairs in the toilet room yourself.

In the modern world, you will face the fact that the prices in the construction market and the cost of the brigade services are very high. If you are an average citizen of our country, then it is likely that the expected costs will not suit you. Therefore, it is likely that you will want to try to make repairs in the toilet with your own hands.

You decide to seek the help of a master.

Raising in the toilet room

If you have never done anything with your own hands and are afraid to ruin something, then you will just need the help of a specialist. At the same time, knowledge of the case, knowledge of the basics of repairing the toilet will not interfere with you. So you can reduce your expenses. In fact, the toilet is a place that requires special attention, because it is there that sewer and other pipes are held. If you incorrectly install the toilet or sink, then you risk flooding your neighbors or your own apartment.

The material set forth in this article will help you find out the types of decoration, possible options for designing and repairing the toilet room.

So, let’s start with the layout of your apartment. You bought an apartment with a separate bathroom and want to connect it? Then you need to start with this. Repair of a combined bathroom and each room separately – these are completely different things. Therefore, invite a specialist and inform him of his decision, he will tell you how to place plumbing items in this case. Generally inviting the masters, it is necessary in the case of repair of individual rooms.

After you decide in the location of plumbing items (this is the main one), take a pen or pencil and a regular A4 sheet. Try to portray what you would like to see after the end of the repair. In the figure you should reflect the location of all plumbing items. The next step will be the location of additional furniture (of course, if the size allows).

Next, decide on the materials that you will use. It is better to determine exactly what and at what price do you want to buy. This will significantly save your costs. Since the bathroom and toilet room are different in that the pipes are passing there, then consult with a specialist how to cover them. Most likely, there will be the possibility of installing a secret or outdoor cabinet.

When choosing an interior of a toilet or bathroom, consider the following factors:

Lighting. If the size of the toilet room allows, then you can install chandeliers or beautiful lamps. For a small toilet or bathroom, it is better to choose spotlights. Such lamps can be installed several. You will get a bright room, but at the same time they will not strain you with their size.

Finishing materials and decoration. It all depends on your imagination – ceramic tiles, panels, wallpaper and paint. Installation of cabinets, additional shelves can also be attributed to this item. It is worth thinking about this in advance.

Color spectrum. She should not differ from the colors that are present in your apartment. To date, black and white colors remain fashionable. As a rule, plumbing is installed white. For a large room, color can be bright and contrasting, but for a small room it is better to choose calm tones.

In what sequence is the repair of the toilet room?

It all starts with the floor. Perhaps this is the main element of the repair of the toilet after installing plumbing. You will not only admire the beauty of your gender, but you will also step on it daily. So he should be treated especially carefully. If you decide to make it yourself, then find the instructions and carefully get to work, if you invited a specialist, be sure to follow his work. Think about what floor you would like. If desired, you can install a warm floor. However, this must be worried about this in advance, since the installation of a warm floor will require additional forces and costs.

Be prepared for the fact that the floor in your toilet is initially uneven and it will have to align it. This will require additional physical and cash costs. In order to fill the floor, I recommend that you contact a specialist. The fact is that it is very difficult to pour a bulk floor yourself correctly. Since the material freezes almost instantly, you run the risk of getting not even floor, but hillocks. After such a “successful repairs”, you will have to hit the bulk floors, which, believe me, is not so easy to do.

After leveling the floor, the next stage will go – this is the laying of tiles. If you did not put tiles somewhere in the country and did not help anyone in this matter, then you should not experience fate. Especially if you make a choice of Russian -made tiles. This material is made “in accordance with the latest technologies”, so part of the tile will have to be thrown out. Invite the master. Make sure that he evenly applies glue and make narrow seams.

Then the master gradually proceeds to the design of the walls. There are a great many options for decorating walls in the room, especially in a small toilet or bathroom.

Walls can go under painting. Here the subtlety lies in the fact that the walls should be correctly processed. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting dumping pieces from the walls. Know that the wall is cleaned to the concrete base, then the turn of putty, as well as primers, and only after that there is painting the wall.

Plastic panels. To date, the construction industry offers a huge selection of such material. On the facial surfaces of such panels, as a rule, wood, marble or some drawings are depicted. The panels are mounted quite simply, in addition, they are practical because they do not miss moisture. One point should be taken into account here. So, if you need access to the pipes of the water supply and sewage, then think about this.

Moisture -resistant MDF panels. Such material is presented in large quantities on the market. The advantage of this material is that it is light and cheap. For decoration of the toilet room, this will be a more profitable option than a real good quality lining.

Tile. This type of wall cladding in the toilet is a classic. As a rule, repairs in the toilet are carried out using this type of building material. Firstly, the diversity of the pattern of ceramic tiles continues to surprise, and, secondly, ceramic tiles are a durable and persistent material that will last you not a single year.

If you have a separate toilet, then for the toilet you can try to make a special cabinet for detergents, which will be very functional. Consult with a specialist whether this option is possible in your toilet room. In principle, to do this is very simple – you need to make a special frame, and then attach special doors.

Then there is a turn of the ceiling. The ceiling can be made of drywall, but the best option for it would be a stretch ceiling.

Finally, the final stage of repair of the toilet room is the installation of the door. The most optimal option in this case is a plastic door. Its advantage is a light washing, a small susceptibility to household chemicals. For design reasons – this will be a very good option, since today the plastic doors are made at a high level, have an interesting pattern and shape.

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