How to finish the house with siding yourself

Siding has become especially popular in Russia recently. And all because this material is very light, while quite durable, it looks great and most importantly – it is quickly mounted. It takes only a few days to finish the house with siding. This is not much more than it will take, for example, painting. But even if you use expensive and high -quality paint, sooner or later the house will still have to be repainted. The maximum of such a coating will last only 5-7 years. Siding is able to maintain its properties for several decades. It does not fade in the sun, does not crack and withstands a temperature from -50 to +50 degrees.

Siding technology is very simple. Even a layman can cope with this task. There are only a few simple recommendations, following which your house will delight your eye and look like new, year after year.

The set of tools is also quite simple. Scissors for metal, screwdriver and roulette today are in every house. Even if there is nothing, buying the missing inventory will not be difficult on the site . The composition of your tool box will vary depending on which house you are going to finish: wooden or stone. If the house is brick or stone, it will take a perforator. If wooden, you can do without heavy artillery.

So, there should be at hand:

punch (for working with masonry masonry or log walls);

scissors for metal;




a square or ruler;


pencil or marker;

Construction cord.

The sequence of work

The preparation of walls for decoration is not required, but desirable. It is necessary to remove the old paint and plants if the house was entwined with ivy. You also need to remove the drain pipes and all the elements of the doors and windows.

Next, prepare the crate. It will help to align the walls, hide the flaws, and also insulate the building. Chatter is a kind of frame on which the siding panels are attached. Starting rails are also attached to them, from which the installation process begins. The corners of the house are closed with special plastic corners that can be contrasting or in the tone of the main color of siding.

Installation of siding – the process is easy and fast. It’s how to assemble a constructor. There is an option using H-posts, but there is without them. In the first case, the wall of the house is divided in half with a horizontal rail. So, you can significantly save when ordering panels. But it is worth remembering that material such as siding is best ordered with a margin. H-rack makes the installation process easier, and the result is more attractive. Without h-rack panels, an overlap is mounted.

The main thing is to remember that siding does not need to be attached to the crate tightly. There should be a small gap between the crate and panels. This will provide siding with flexibility, protect against deformation.

To work with siding, it is better to use short nails with wide flat hats. Tarry nails are also suitable.