Made a small raised bed.

Small raised bed.

If you break an ordinary garden for one reason or another, it is impossible (for example, you do not have enough space, inappropriate soil, etc. P.), acceptable, if not the best, the option will be raised beds. A bed of traditional width of 3-5 feet will allow you to reach its middle to plant seedlings or weeds weeds, and at the same time not to step on the soil and do not compact it. The seats on the ends will allow you to conveniently get a job and not bend too much, caring for a garden.

Of course, after the manufacture of a raised bed, you can simply fill it with land, however, preliminary preparation will give much the best results. Select a place for the bed (the site is ideal that receives the maximum amount of sunlight) and remove the whole sod from it. After that, dig the soil to a depth of about half a meter. Then fill the bed with a mixture of earth, compost and manure and smooth the surface.



• 2 cedar boards 12 feet long and 2 × 8 inches


• 24 galvanized screws 3 inch long


• Roulette

• Pencil

• carpenter

• wood saw

• Electric drill

• Spiral drill with a diameter of 5/32 inch

• A shift head-spray

Sawing lumber. Sprinkle boards into two segments with a length of 72 inches for the front and rear walls (a), two segments of 33 inch for the side walls (b) and two segments of 36 inches for seats (c).

The construction of the bed.

Make the frame, attaching the front and rear walls (a) to the side (b) with screws, as shown in the figure. Then attach the seats (c) to the upper edges of the frame (c) so that the edges of the seats are flush with the internal surfaces of the side walls.

Installation of the bed.

Select the place where the bed will receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Mark the site with pegs and cord. Then remove the turf, grass and weeds and dig up the ground.

Seats on the ends of the raised beds not only provide you comfort when weeding, but also strengthen the angles of the bed.\