Electric wiring in a private house

During the construction of the house, many tasks and problems arise. It is necessary to responsibly approach the construction and think in advance all the plans of the upcoming work. Tasks arise not only in money, then also in the technical.

During the construction and design of the house, an important issue will be how to do the energy supply of your home. It seems that such planning is extremely difficult, but in reality it is much easier to implement it. It is necessary to find the support of the power line and connect the introductory special cable, from which the sockets and light bulbs are launched in the house. It is necessary to take into account which cable you will connect to the network and determine in advance this power of the approximate electrical appliances. On average, the total load should be a power of not more than 35-40 kW. Cable should be used by aluminum. It will be necessary to take into account the buildings that will be near the house. These include garage, shed, street lighting and other structures with light.

The wiring must be laid three -wire, because the sockets should be grounded and grounded with high humidity (baths, baths). It is necessary to draw up a clear and thoughtful plan, how and according to what plan to distribute wires around the house. It is necessary to make approaches to sockets, switch and lamps, as well as for heating of warm floors.

There are two ways for laying electrical wiring: open method and hidden. It depends on what material the walls of the house are made. The open laying method is used mainly in wooden houses, and hidden wiring is used in brick, monolithic and other types of buildings.

For laying the wiring, the necessary tools will be needed: drill, perforator, sidewalls, pliers and screwdrivers.

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