Foundation for your home.

The foundation is the basis of the house. When choosing the foundation, you do not need to rush, how correctly the type of base for your home will be chosen and the durability of the structure will depend. Factors by which this or that type of foundation is chosen: the number of storeys of construction, the type of soil on which construction is supposed to be, whether it will be a housing heated in the cold season or not and many other nuances.

In private construction, four types of foundations are mainly used: a pile of floodplain piles, strip, the third – a combination of columnar and tape and the last – a monolithic slab.

The foundation of columnar floodplain piles is suitable for building a gazebo, bath, light structure, which has a log -shaped or any other strapping. The wells for filling should be drilled to the depth of freezing of the soil, basically it is 1.5 – 2 m study the price of geology.

The strip foundation is well known to builders and has the main advantage: it has a great load ability, t. e. The load from the structure on the soil is distributed over a large area, unlike the columnar foundation.

Combined strip with columnar – this is a strip foundation on stilts raised above the ground. The disadvantages of this type of foundation are more than the pluses: the difficulty of building: you need to drill wells, reinforce, fill well, then connect them with a tape grillage to reinforce and fill it; The load on the piles is point.

A monolithic slab is the most expensive type of foundation. It is used when the load is very large, complex soils.

It is difficult for your conditions to choose the right type of foundation for your conditions, so it is better to contact specialists. Ogrechs in independent calculations of this engineering and technical structure can lead to various kinds of troubles subsequently: from cracks in the foundation and walls, the appearance of groundwater in the basement, to partial or complete destruction of construction.