Survatory lamps for suspended ceilings

Since spotlights for suspended ceilings – devices relatively small sizes and a narrow angle of dispersion of the light flow, then most often they are used not by one, but in groups. You can include its individual representatives, and all at once. Thanks to this, it is possible to either illuminate the entire room, or focus light on some specific interior elements. Forms and colors of the described devices set. However, there are not so many types of structures. The choice of one or another depends on the purpose and features of a particular room.

About varieties

All built -in lamps present on the market can be divided into two large groups:

rotary type;


The former have a more intricate structure. As for turning, this applies to the outer part of the body. You can direct the light not only steeply down, but also to the left and right (if the device is located on the ceiling). I must say that the angle of maximum deviation is quite impressive. This feature is in demand when the main lighting is not enough, and it is required to strengthen it in a particular part of the room. For example, to illuminate the picture. Compared to conventional lighting devices, the cost of such devices is several times higher (more about prices and manufacturers – below).

The main feature of the second – immortal spotlights for suspended ceilings – is the ability to provide only strictly vertical lighting. The inability to control the flow of light caused their lower cost compared to devices that have a rotary structure.

Regardless of what type you choose, the more light sources will be installed in the room, the better.

Now let’s see what the price of lamps for suspended ceilings. The most popular brands among Russian consumers:





Each of the manufacturers is ready to offer products in various price segments. For example, the QRTZ and ONYX models from Massive have the price of 749 and 1,481 rubles, respectively. The Elvan Metal and Glass will cost the buyer 159 and 528 rubles. The most popular model from Blitz is Modern Style. Its cost is 430 rubles. NOVOTECH Troke and Crown spotlights are 417 and 264 rubles, respectively.

Which incandescent lamps to choose?

All built -in lamps for suspended ceilings can be classified depending on the type of lamp:

halogen – can be mounted in the ceiling with a small height of the room. The main advantage of this group is the high saturation of light. Of the other advantages, the most important is efficiency. But there are also disadvantages. For example, an extremely complicated procedure for replacing a lamp, which you can’t even touch a finger, otherwise it will quickly burn out during further operation;

with an incandescent lamp – of course, not the most innovative solution, but, nevertheless, having a place to be. Due to the massive lamps, they can be used in rooms with high ceilings. Despite the short service life – about 4 thousand hours – some consumers prefer them, not halogen. Apparently, due to the maximum simplicity of replacement;

LEDs – the most “long -playing” and economical of all three. Representatives of this group are distinguished by a high compactness of overall dimensions. Most often they are used to decorate the interior, as they provide a wide range of shades of various colors. If you resorted to the help of a professional designer to organize the internal space, then his recommendation will be unequivocal: only LEDs.