Installation schemes roller.

The first scheme is “Valuvo”.

This is a mounting scheme in which the product is placed on the outer wall, framing the opening of the windows, the most popular. In it, the installation of roller stories can be carried out with the installed windows. With open condition of the roller windows window, the windows are not visible in light openings. The simplicity and manufacturability of the scheme makes it applicable to any type of drive. But each thing has its own shortcomings, namely the protrusion of the box for the plane of the facade, which makes a similar scheme not applicable for decorative frames of the opening .

“In the opening” – the second installation scheme.

The main plus of this scheme is that the box practically does not protrude beyond the plane of the facade, with a properly selected thickness of external slopes. Installation is possible with the windows installed, but in this case the back wall of the box and its guides are visible indoors and sometimes partially prevent the light opening. When installing this scheme, the output of the shaft falls on the glass and the use of the gear drive is impossible. The plus of this scheme is the ease of installation.

The third scheme is “with a heching of a quarter”

Guides in this scheme are closed by a quarter from the inside. To install the box in the upper part of the opening, a quarter is hooked. Installation is carried out before the direct installation of windows, unlike the two previous schemes. The minimum finalization of the openings is also necessary. One of the advantages is to ensure increased security from hacking, as well as compatibility with any known drives. This scheme is ensured by almost all the advantages of the internal installation, it does not have heat -insulating and repair problems. The scheme is suitable for large and not at all prepared openings, which is its feature.

Advanced “Russian” fourth scheme.

This scheme is devoid of shortcomings all up to it and perfectly realizes the general qualities of roller. The window is installed according to the usual procedure. Diped hatch through which mechanical access is made, closes the cavity. When choosing this scheme, it is important to indicate the cavity for placing the box during the design of the building. But despite all the disadvantages of the schemes, it justifies the increase in its value.

Installation of Rolstynsen is a time -consuming process that requires knowledge and experience in this environment. The service life and reliability of the selected protection systems have been dependent on how competently has passed the installation.