Modular parquet


The modular or “shield” parquet allows the flooring to be more unusual and original, since the panels have their own pattern, which is repeated regularly along the entire floor surface. The panels are made mainly from oak with colored inserts from other tree species.

By the way, the modular parquet is also quite hidden in the rapidly far -made buildings, which are so convenient to build for long -term residence in the places where natural disasters passed.

However, when choosing a modular parquet, it is necessary to take into account the design of walls and ceiling, they should be combined. For this today, special borders and art panels are used today.

The modular parquet is laid by connecting in the grooves, that is, it is very simple, although so far in some places a connection to glue or nails is practiced.

Modular parquet as a picture gallery, manufacturers offer a huge variety of drawings, and since the concerns of a special shield parquet do not require, it is rightfully in excellent demand among wealthy buyers with large areas.