Monolithic and cellular polycarbonate

Cellular polycarbonate, which is also called structured or cellular, is thin panels with a thickness of 4 to 10 mm, which in turn consist of two polycarbonate plates, resembling a corrugated cardboard panel in their structure.

Manufacturers of transparent monolithic polycarbonate 5 mm, as a rule, give a minimum warranty for their products. This means that the entire period of the material will have the same qualities and appearance, as when buying it. Polycarbonate profiles show themselves perfectly when installing awnings, as well as as coatings above the rooms without heating.

Polycarbonate connecting profiles are both detachable and inexpressible. Stent polycarbonate profiles perfectly manifest themselves when installing vertical fences and various types of canopies of small sizes.

When installing more overall structures, it is more advisable to use detachable polycarbonate profiles. Such profiles are much more convenient to produce installation, as well as their waterproof properties are much better.

It is also worth noting that the range of accessories for polycarbonate products is constantly increasing. Today it includes: tapes self -adhesive for the processing of panel ends, stainless materials that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, silicone sealants, sealing washers, and much more.

If you produce the installation of panels using self -tapping screws, then it would be nice to use special “thermals” for better thermal insulation. In the case of adding joints from metal, it is advisable to use a foamed seal or mounting foam to fill the airspace.

We advise to carefully follow the instructions for laying sheets so that the party indicated in the recommendations looks up, otherwise due to the influence of the aggressive environment on the unprotected part of the sheet all the material will quickly become unusable.

For contractors and designers, monolithic sheets of polycarbonate are just a find, thanks to which any problems associated with facing or glazing disappear. In addition, the heat and sound insulation properties of continuous cast -carbonate sheets, as well as their flexibility and to ridiculously, light weight make it possible to significantly reduce the costs of construction and design work, which is another weighty dignity of polycarbonate.