Profession electric welder

In connection with the active development of the construction of residential facilities, railways, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and other industries, the profession of an electric welder will always be in demand, no construction is complete without them. A competent and responsible welder who knows a lot about his own business, to find not so easy. In the process, it is necessary to provide all the subtleties of the welding process and protect your workplace. To carry out welding, the welder is provided by a workwear that protects it from burns and hot particles of metal. Persons who have undergone practical and theoretical training, testing the knowledge of norms, rules and instructions on fire safety, labor protection are allowed for electric welding operations. Welding is the receipt of an insoluble connection of parts of machines, structures and structures with their general or local heating. There are two methods of welding – pressure welding (contact, cold, gas -ila) and the most common welding with melting (electric lane, electric -arc, laser, gas, termite). Tecna welding is what the welder needs!

– welding with melting – heating the welded joints to t melts without compressing the welded parts. When heated with the subsequent increase in temperature, the plasticity of the metal increases.

– pressure welding is welding using intensive pressure, carried out due to plastic deformation of the welded joints with t below t melts.

The welding process is greatly affected by the contaminated surface of the metal, which significantly reduces the strength of the metal.

The classification of types of welding is divided:

by type of protective gas (active or inert gas);

by continuity of the process (intermittent, continuous);

By the type of metal protection in the welded area (under the flux, in protective gas, in the air).

The degree of mechanization distinguishes the following types of welding:

Manual welding – welding is performed manually without the participation of the mechanism;

Mechanized (semi -automatic) – the mechanism supplies an electrode wire into the welding zone, the welder manually produces the remaining manipulations.

Automatic – welding is performed by a machine, the welder function is to set up the parameters of the working mode and observation.

Welders work in different working conditions, in any weather, at any height.

Welder is a profession that respects.