Renovation – what is it?

The concept of “euro-repair” came to us around the 90s of the last century. And then no one really understood what it means-good repair or just using materials from abroad in the repair. Here was somewhere the land near IZHS, built an apartment building on it, put it into operation and now the owners want to make European-renovation in their apartments. European repair begins with the fact that the interior specialist is a project, according to which subsequently and there is a repair in your apartment. All the material that is needed for this is bought in advance, as well as furniture. After that, sewage, ventilation, electrical wiring schemes are performed, despite the fact that the customer of the repair is well aware of the TOI, how the repaired room will look then. Experts take into account in the project all the wishes of their customer. In order to make European repair, experts will not see the barriers in the architectural project of your apartment or home. Since everything will be carried out within the framework of the project, even if for this it will be necessary to redevelop the room.

It was after we learned about the European Republic of Industrial Council, in new buildings, hanging ceilings, multi -level floors, columns, arches, various decor elements began to make in the apartments. It is in new buildings that such a repair is easiest to make, since the former land near IZHS, which has become a multi -storey or low -rise house, turns out the owners of apartments in a form that requires decoration. This is where experts come to the rescue. Often, under European repair, the demarrier of different zones is the walls. But, as we have already noted, everything will depend on the wishes of the customer – he will want to distinguish between the zones or not. In the case when the customer does not want to see all the attributes above the attributes in his apartment, it is not canceled renovate, he just chooses the materials that his apartment will be decorated. You can choose any style – ethnic, modern, bares or any other.

But one must remember one thing – only professionals can engage in renovation, real. For renovation for Europe. Otherwise, you will have to regret that the land near IZHS was once built up by this house and your apartment is located in it. Just understand that for each fork of finishing work there is its own specialist who knows all the subtleties and details who will perform its work professionally and on time. Experts always have the best equipment, with European repair it is impossible to do without it. And one more point – large companies provide their employees with the best equipment and teach them the best. Want a real, high -quality European -renovation? Go to specialists.