Rent according to the rules. How to rent housing? Article from the real estate agency Moscowmax

Renting apartments for many families is the only opportunity to get housing for a while. Unfortunately, attempts to withdraw real estate often turn around problems, or even loss of money. As a person renting an apartment, to navigate in this matter in order not to be deceived?

We note immediately that there are no 100% effective methods that guarantee a complete absence of risks for renting housing. Meanwhile, realtors recommend to their clients to follow a number of rules that will help to avoid troubles, fraud on the part of the landlord and rent an apartment with the least risks. The first of them is to get acquainted with the laws governing real estate lease transactions.

The renting apartment needs to know, for example, that they do not have the right to evict it out of it, if there are no appropriate grounds for that. The law stipulates that the person is obliged to free the living space before the expiration of the lease agreement only by court decision. In other cases, the property owner cannot force his client to evict.

The second rule is to draw up a lease agreement, regardless of who the home owner is a good acquaintance, relative or stranger. Lawyers in housing law pay attention to the fact that the presence of a contract does not guarantee anything, if it is prepared illiterate, in the interests of only one party, not all people who have the rights to this living space, etc. P. There are a lot of nuances, so those who do not own sufficient knowledge on this issue should contact a lawyer or real estate agency, where there is legal assistance for customers.

The third rule is to carefully check all the papers for the apartment, personal documents of the owner, make sure that real estate can really be rented, there are no obstacles defined by law. Of course, a person who is not familiar with this “cuisine” will be difficult to independently understand all matters. Therefore, in order to ensure our own security, we advise at this stage of the lease process to contact professionals.

The fourth “golden” rule of rental of housing is always to make an inventory of property located in the apartment, and to do this in all details. Each thing, the subject turning into the use of the rental person must be added to the inventory and describe in detail, especially paying attention to its condition, serviceability, suitability, serial number, etc. P.. This inventory will be an application to the contract, and both parties should sign it.