Self-leveling floors

Currently, a large number of a wide variety of flooring are presented on the building materials market. And bulk floors are increasingly popular.

Now it is the most modern and high -tech type of flooring. Incorrect floors have a fairly low viscosity and due to this, when they are poured on a pre -prepared base, spread, forming a perfectly even and smooth surface.

The most suitable rooms for bulk floors are industrial premises that are constantly under the influence of a variety of harmful factors. This is chemical aggression, and temperature fluctuations, and various humidity and other factors. But now modern bulk floors quite often began to be used for home, as well as for shopping and entertainment centers, exhibition halls and other rooms.

Based on the materials from which polymer flooring are made, the bulk floors are divided into three main types. These are polyurethane bulk floors, epoxy bulk floors and epoxy-American bulk floors.

Polyurethane bulk floors

Polyurethane bulk floors are very elastic, so they are racks to mechanical loads and deformations, resistant to sharp temperature differences. Therefore, polyurethane floors are usually laid in slightly fluent rooms and rooms with large abrasive loads. Typically, polyurethane floors are used in places of mass visits and at industrial facilities, such as production workshops or warehouses, for example.

Epoxy bulk floors

For bulk floors, which are based on epoxy resins, excellent wear resistance and high resistance to various aggressive chemical compounds, such as acids and alkalis, oil products and electrolytes are characteristic. Epoxy bulk floors are less elastic and more fragile than polyurethane, therefore, in rooms where there are increased deformation loads, epoxy bulk floors are usually not used. The objects of using bulk floors from epoxy resins are usually the enterprises of the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, various commercial and storage facilities, medical and educational institutions, kindergartens.

Epoxy-American bulk floors

Epoxy -American floors are combined polymer floors that are created by mixing polyurethane compounds and epoxy resins. As a result, the flooring is obtained, which combines operational parameters that provide elasticity and stiffness at the same time, as well as resistance to abrasion. Most often, such bulk floors are used in places where there is a high intensity of the movement of vehicles.

Polymer bulk floors have a large number of positive characteristics. For example, bulk floors are very durable and have high reliability. If these floors are properly operated, then they do not need to be repaired and serve perfectly for at least 15-20 years. In addition, bulk floors are very heat -resistant, they are perfectly adapted to the effects of high and low temperatures. Polymer bulk floors are environmentally friendly, they fully comply with all sanitary and epidemiological standards, being completely harmless, are easy to clean up to wet cleaning. Polymer bulk floors are absolutely sealed.

In modern conditions, bulk floors are a great choice.

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