Setting the floor. Advantages of using plywood.

It is very unpleasant when the resulting floors were not as even as we would like. If the values ​​of unevenness reach more than ten centimeters, then alignment is considered necessary. This is especially true if you are going to use a laminate.

The use of screed is one of the most popular methods. The essence of this method is the use of compositions that are aligned independently. While the solution is evenly distributed throughout the area. This method has proven itself perfectly. Its distinctive advantages are the effectiveness and convenience. However, the disadvantage of this method will be its high cost. The price of the mixture for such a screed is very high. A cheaper option would be to perform a screed of dry concrete mixture.

But if you want to significantly save on work on leveling the floor, and the result needs no less good, as when using screeds, you can solve the problem in a simpler way – using plywood sheets. With this simple and inexpensive material, you can make the floor perfectly even.

When aligning the floors with the help of plywood sheets, before starting work, be sure to make a test. It is necessary to lay plywood sheets in the order in which the styling will occur. Now you can perfectly fit the sheets of the material to each other, see all the flaws and follow the joints. Pay attention to the fact that when laying plywood, it should not touch the walls, and the distance in the gaps between the sheets is no more than ten millimeters. After you completely adjusted all the plywood sheets in the necessary way, numb the each sheet. It does not hurt to draw up a scheme that will help with direct styling. Such operations will help you avoid possible mistakes and in general will be able to make the whole process easier.

Focusing on the diagram, you can proceed to the sawing plywood. After that, the direct process of laying sheets will follow. Before laying, it is necessary to clean the surface properly. Estate all the garbage and remove various pollution. It will be easy to work according to the compiled scheme. It is better to lay sheets with preliminary application of mastic on the base. It is better to fix the sheets with the help of ordinary screws and dowels. Dowels are better to use plastic.

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