Shark of the heads of piles: milling cutters and scissors

Currently, there are mechanisms for cutting headers of piles, such as hydraulic scissors and longitudinal milling.

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Hydraulic scissors are sequentially connected working sections closed into the ring among themselves. At the end of each of them there is a cutting peak. Since this mechanism is, in general, a hinged nozzle for an excavator, it is quite easy to manage. Its drawback is that it is required to visit a larger number of horizontal incisions cycles with large stilts.

Mechanisms significantly reduce the price of the blocking of heads of piles. One of them is a longitudinal mill. It is also a replaceable tool for the escalator. When using it, you should pay attention to the choice of the diameter of the cutter and, of course, on its torque.

The milling diameter must be less than the internal size of the pile frame.

When working with the cutter, the driver of the excavator, having the necessary skill, is able to destroy the concrete layer and expose the reinforcement without damage. Such a mechanism is used in the development of pits and trenches, as well as in the destruction of frozen coal.

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