The guardian of warmth and comfort for your home

How to look at the heating pipe, which is located inside the wall? You can touch the wall with your hands and if it is warm or hot, then heating passes in it. But still you can see it. The task is not simple, but there is no way out of the coffin, a specialized device will help us to solve this complex problem – construction thermal imager.

This device sees that someone does not see the naked eye, this is most likely to see in the cinema, you will not believe it, but it sees warmth. Professional builders use this construction thermal imager in order to reduce the country house from heat loss and drafts.

Thermal and light radiation are very similar, and thermograms repeat in the form what a person sees with his eyes. But there is something more in the thermogram. With the help of a thermal imager, you can examine the house and identify the places where during the construction employees saved or insulation or poorly set double -glazed windows. On the screen of the thermal imager there are several CVTs, the warmest is white, the coldest – white. The goals in the house will be visible in pronounced white spots. In this way, significant heat leaks are determined.

Thermal imagers are very sensitive to their accuracy reaches hundredths of degrees, this makes it possible to see a clear thermal trace not only on the surface, but also to see what is happening in the room itself. This is called “non -destructive control”. Using the thermal imager, you can diagnose the condition of the heating pipes in the warm floor without opening the tile. Similarly, you can check the quality of the installed plastic windows, if defects are detected, you can present the “Woe-installations” reasonable claims.

Having the opportunity to look inside the object without destroying its integrity and not even touching it – a rare advantage of the thermal imager over other control devices. Any deviation from the norm of temperature tells specialists that there are any malfunctions in the subject. Which is especially relevant in the electric power industry. Without noticing overheating of the wiring in time, you can get a big problem in the worst case disaster.

It is quite easy to process the results, you just need to connect the device to a personal computer. Using a computer, the color palette can be reconfigured so that the temperature range that you need is noticeable is noticeable. You can buy thermal imagers in specialized stores, but do not forget to indicate the scope of construction, or order via the Internet.