They are returning! Dunkin ’Donuts again in the UK!

About 10 years in the UK market there was no creation of the Dunkin ’Brandsinc group of companies – Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Chain. And at the moment, the return of famous coffee houses is designed, the purpose of which is the development of the European market.

Nigel Trevis, the head of the company, is the owner of the Dunkin ’Donuts brand, is going to open about two to three hundred coffee houses and shops. And the president does not at all scare the likelihood of a future aggravation of the crisis in the European market.

Nigel Trevis also shared the company’s plans for the next five years. More specifically, it is planned to open up to 500 coffee houses. This figure also includes Baskinrobins cafe, which is an early mentioned group of companies.

Today, about 90 coffeens D ’D and 350 cafes Baskinrobins operate on the European market. But, to great surprise, their work brings only 1% of profit. About eight Dunkin ’Donuts stores were opened in the UK until 2002 inclusive. However, due to low sales, in the same year they were closed.

In early spring, it became known that Nigel Trevis (Dunkin ’Donuts President) is going to attract about 780 million US dollars in the company during the secondary placement of the company’s shares. It is worth noting that it was designed to place 26.5 million shares, where each stock costs $ 29.4.

About 20 million shares will be sold by Dunkin ’BrandsGroup, but the company itself will not be engaged in the sale of shares.