What includes work on a design project

Despite the fact that we meet with the concept of “design interior design” quite often, there is a very rare acquaintance with it, throughout our lives there may be 1-3 meetings close. Therefore, it is advisable to know the structure of the design project of the room, the number of stages of its development and implementation, and what you get as a result of implementation.

After the first acquaintance and entering the topic, work begins on the design project. Any design of apartments, or rather work on it, can include several stages:

1. Zoning of space. The meaning of this stage is to determine the layout of the apartment. The allocation of special wishes about the presence of a dressing room, estimated kitchen areas, hallway and other issues of internal architectural plan.

2. Choosing the style and design concept. Here there is a choice of color scheme for each area of ​​the apartment or one room. The definition of what forms should be used to emphasize the individuality of the owner and advantages of the premises, the arrangement of accents. As a result of this stage, the designer prepares a sketch of the future design of the apartment.

3. The services of the interior designer include the preparation of all technical documentation for the working design project. According to this documentation, the construction team will be able to carry out all the alleged work. On the basis of the project, a parquet or other coating, placement of plumbing, laying networks and other work will be laid.

4. For the convenience of presenting in the reality of drawn sketches, the designer performs them using special programs and editors, which are approximately to reality the future interior design from any side of the room. If necessary, you can change the color scheme and determine the correct selection of colors and textures.

5. After the final finalization of sketches, you can proceed to a specific choice of materials, with the help of which it is planned to implement the design project in life. The designer can help the selection of materials, agree with suppliers and agree on some discounts. All this is included in the services of the interior designer, the cost of which is stipulated when drawing up a contract.

Another service that the designer can provide is the author’s support. In this case, the designer is constantly with the construction team, if necessary, makes clarifications in the project, helps the builders achieve the desired result.